Local cuisine

The stars of BOUMORT INDÒMIT’s menu are a series of dishes made from local products. We want to promote the work of our local producers and recover traditional mountain cuisine dishes, with dashes of originality added by our untameable chef.

Our local products...


We cook with the products of our kitchen garden, so we’re always playing with seasonal vegetables. Our orchards give us the best fruit; our earth provides the best tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers; and the forest brings us mushrooms and herbs. All tastes that stir up memories and create a spectacular overall flavour. Local food that makes our dishes both delicious and innovative.


Our selection of meat includes the organic beef reared in Taús by Montse and Aleix. These producers have risked it all to offer the highest quality possible. Then there are our bacon products, free-range chicken and the famous girella, a kind of savoury pudding, all provided by reliable butchers in Pobla de Segur. Our stews bring back wonderful memories and invite us all to enjoy local flavours.


Dairy products are important in these parts: a land of farmers who use excellent raw materials to make premium cheeses, as well as products that will perfect your desserts, like yoghurt and mató cream cheese.


Mountain wines are special. You can taste the snow and cold of winter, the colours of spring, the magic of autumn and the freedom of summer. Fancy a glass?