Boumort Indòmit Ecoturisme

We want to help you explore Boumort, a little paradise off the beaten track where the untameable spirit of its nature, heritage and people still reigns. We take care of everything: you just need to come along for the ride.

What we offer...

Calling all nature lovers, walkers, photographers, families, friends, solo travellers! We have put together various ecotourism experiences so that you can get to know Boumort in your own special way:

Observe, listen, breathe

We take families, couples or friends to explore a place from the pages of a storybook: Boumort

Through the lens

An opportunity to discover and photograph the most iconic Boumort wildlife


Nature step by step

Walking routes on which you will discover legends, wildlife, dolmens, troglodyte settlements and remote, untameable scenery.

What’s included


Ecotourism activities with a guide

Transport by 4x4 included

All meals and local products

Ecotourism and sustainability: what we’re all about

Guiding expertise and knowledge of the area, special attention to environmental and local sustainability, and a cooperative organisation that can reinvest in the area are the pillars on which the Boumort Indòmit ecotourism experiences are built.


The Protected Natural Area of the Boumort Mountains is located between the regions of Pallars Sobirà, Pallars Jussà and Alt Urgell, in the Pyrenees.

We have already prepared the calendar
of ecotourism experiences 2022